Whatsminer M30s 88 TH/s (Product Review)

Launch of  Whatsminer M30s 88 TH/s

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On December 7, 2019, Shenzhen MicroBT discharged a bitcoin mining machine video of the Whatsminer M30S. It  reported that the fruitful dispatch of the new age of the What miner M30. It is presenting both the processing intensity of the entire machine and the unit power utilization of the registering power set new industry precedents! 

Cybtc got the building model of the M30S-88T bitcoin mining machine. The accompanying Cybtc group will present to you an outsider autonomous assessment of the M30S-88T bitcoin mining machine.\

Whatsminer M30S-88T official parameters


  • Hash rate: 88T+-5%
  • Power Consumption Ratio: 38J/T+-10%
  • Power Consumption: 3344W+-10%





Model M30S
Release In Stock
Size 130 x 220 x 390mm
Weight 12500g
Hash rate 88Th/s±5%
Chip size 12nm
Noise level 75db
Fan(s) 2
Power 3344W±10%
Voltage 12V
Interface Ethernet
Temperature -5 – 40 °C
Humidity 5 – 95 %



Unpacking :


The general appearance of the Whatsminer M30S-88T is equivalent to the M20S-68T. It is as yet a solitary chamber plan. The appearance size is 390x150x225mm and the weight is 10.5kg. 



The distinction between the Whatsminer M30S-88T and M20S-68T is,  that the force supply is supplanted with a level style. It diminishes the stature of the entire machine by 15mm, and the heaviness of the entire machine is 0.9kg lighter than the M20S-68T. 




As an afterthought is the logo of the Whatsminer M30S-88T mining machine, and on the opposite side is data, for example, safety measures for utilizing the mining machine . 



The entire machine utilizes one delta, one outlet and two fans for cooling. Its air bay fan is furnished with a metal defensive spread. It is brought about by the metal defensive spread squeezing the fan cutting edges, as long as the metal defensive spread is pulled out a bit).

Internal details


Within subtleties of the Whatsminer M30S-88T which broke the new record of the business’ capacity utilization. To expel the control board, evacuate the 4 fixing screws first. At that point, eject the force supply controller line on the control board and the information line associated with the hash board Detachable control board .

Whatsminer M30S-88T utilizations the H3 control board, which is associated with the mining board through the link of the connector board. The board interface and catches have not changed.

Data, for example, model, hash rate, SN code, and system card MAC address are additionally set apart on the control board packaging.

Product comes with a standard power supply model P21-GB-12-3300

Its force supply has rolled out certain improvements in the shape. Contrasted and the past model, the tallness is reduced, and the length is reached out to the position lined up with the air outlet fan 

The Whatsminer M30S-88T utilizations a 16A force string to supply power, and the attachment position is additionally changed in accordance with the center 

Notwithstanding the adjustments looking like the force supply, the association of copper plate, use drying, and fixing screws are like the M20 arrangement.

The cooling of Whatsminer M30S-88T uses two 14038 12V 7.2A fans

As per the current expressed (7.2A), the fan power utilization of the Whatsminer M30S-88T is lower than that of the M20 arrangement (9A), which diminishes the little force utilization as well as shows that the appeal will be littler. 

The front fan utilizes a 6-center level interface, and the back fan utilizes a 4 Pin interface. It very well may be seen that the two front and back fans of the excavator can’t trade to one another.

The Whatsminer M30S-88T chassis is made of aluminum alloy die-casting, and the mining board is inserted and fixed through the groove, which is closely arranged.



Open the case and watch that the excavator wires have not fallen off or irregular clamors. Plug in a force link and a system link. Enter the control board of the neighborhood organize switch to discover the IP address named “MicroBT” or utilize the MAC address of the system card or download the Whatsminer the board instrument (WhatsMiner Tool). Discover the IP address of the digger. 


Open the program and enter the IP address of the excavator found in the location bar (different diggers can be legitimately worked in the  MicroBT Whatsminer M30s the executives apparatus) to enter the login page. The default username and secret word are both: administrator, enter the excavator control board

Officail site where Whatsminer M30s available:

microbt whatsminer d1


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