Yolanda Gampp name arises in mind the minute we think about “HOW TO CAKE IT”.


Cakes are sign of happiness and festivity for every occasion whether, its marriage ceremonies or birthdays. We all want a special theme cake for our special days. Theme cake making has become million dollar industry nowadays.

Baking As Profession & Hobby:

Professional bakers are much more in demand than before.  We enjoy watching cake making videos, which are royal, classic and fruity fun. Recently hundreds of blogs and social media pages are created for sharing theme cake making, blogs and all kind of step to step details. There are inspirational YouTube video, helping professional bakers and urging commoners to like and adopt hobby of baking on other level.

I never had a sweet tooth but watching theme cake making videos is my favorite hobby.  May be, one day I’ll also adopt past time hobby of cake making, even if I don’t make theme cake.  Yolanda Gampp stands out high one of those best bakers, and YouTube sensation in recent times.

Her theme cake making skills are inspirational and so perfect that one can’t differentiate between real object and cake. Yolanda has recently published her book “HOW TO CAKE IT” which is also the name of her YouTube channel.

For years, I have been watching Yolanda Gampp YouTube videos in spare time, how to cake it. Her theme cakes are really very stimulating, beautiful and fun. She knows, how to engage audience with detail description of every step of making a theme cake. She uses very vibrant, shimmering, eye-catching colors.

Critical Review:

Every fan of Yolanda Gampp will like to buy her book which also namesake of her channel, “HOW TO CAKE IT”. There are eighteen dandy and majestic cake recipes with each and every step in detail.  Book has a hard cover and printing quality is very good.

Yolanda doesn’t use fruits in her cakes which is little disappointment for me.  I think she should experiment with fruits too.

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